Feline Fury

Feline Fury: Overview

Developer Play’n GO was either struck by creative lightning or has desperately rushed out an oddball slot to keep to their tight production schedule. Either way, Feline Fury is a strange one, full of the world’s second most popular pet, cats. Yet these aren’t domestic cats, nor are they presented in a super cutesy way as they often are in slots. Here you’ll find merchant cats, mystic cats, pirate cats… are you still with us? You’ll need to suspend disbelief for a while as we lead you through the surreal world of Feline Fury.

Not only are we dealing with a bunch of kitties, we’re also heading back to the middle ages to do so. Don’t ask why. The 5-reel, 20-payline game area sits before a walled castle on a moody grey skied day. Perhaps the bleak setting is part of the reason these cats are so furious? Cats do like warmth, and an old high ceilinged castle full of drafty rooms would be hard to heat. It is a truly odd sight, but let’s go with it for now.

Players join the fury by selecting bets from 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin, across all devices. The math model’s stats make for comforting reading since many are the usual Play’n GO figures. That’s no bad thing because the studio consistently produces dependable stats such as a default RTP of 96.2%. Volatility is lower than you usually find, though, its medium setting has officially been rating at 6/10. You might think volatility would be higher since these cats are so mad, but this is a game full of unforeseen twists. Several features help the win rate, and overall potential is another dependably solid Play’n GO amount.

The symbols involved will have you shaking your head, or laughing over the absurdness of it all. Well, maybe not the four card suit low pays, but the high pays consist of a Mystic Cat, a Captain Cat, a Cat Merchant, and finally a Cat-at-Arms. To be fair, they all look pretty miffed about something. As to value, the premiums range from 2.5 to 10 times the stake for five of a kind.

All cat symbols can turn wild during features, but there is also a standard Crown wild which can appear at any time. It holds the same value as the top premium and can substitute for any other symbol except the Golden Grail Scatter.

Feline Fury: Features

feline fury
Feline Fury – free spins

Feline Fury comes with 3 extras – Feline Wilds, Fury Reels, and Free Spins of varying levels of complexity. The Feline Wild feature is triggered at random during the base game. Here, 1-4 types of cat symbols turn wild, substituting for other symbols or paying at their usual rate.

When the Feline Wilds feature is active, there is a chance it triggers up to 5 Fury Reels. Any Feline Wilds landing on a Fury Reel expand to create a full reel of wilds. If a second Feline Wild lands on the Fury Reel they apply an x2 multiplier. A third Feline Wild on a Fury Reel applies an x3 multiplier. More than one multiplier on a winning line is added together.

The highlight is a round of free spins. You’ll need to land the Holy Grail scatter on reels 1, 3 and 5 to trigger 5 free spins. The goal of this bonus game is collecting suits. 12 of each turns a corresponding cat symbol into a Feline Wild for the rest of the feature. In order, are Clubs for the Mystic Cat, Diamonds for the Caption Cat, hearts for the Merchant, and spades for the Cat-at-Arms. Once the first Feline Wild is triggered, Fury Reels become possible, bringing their multipliers into the round. Each scatter landing during free spins adds one more to the total.

Feline Fury: Verdict

Where to begin? Feline Fury is one of those odd games you just have to surrender to and go with to get the most out of. It’s like a lengthy stint on YouTube when you end up in a strange corner, wondering how you got there. Then again, hidden nuggets are sometimes found where you least expect them. Feline Fury is unlikely to be one of those for many players, but there may be a cadre that is in cat heaven over this one. Others will struggle with the level of unreality and wish Feline Fury had been neutered at the drawing board stage.

So are cats playing human roles in a medieval setting a stroke of genius, or are we witnessing Play’n GO scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as themes go? We all know how prolific these chaps are. Did they hit a creative wall and were forced to sift through a dustbin of old, cast-off ideas to find any old thing to fling out the door?

Then again, you kind of need stuff like this in your life now and then. A bit of weirdness never goes astray, quite the opposite. Yet, kitties in medieval cosplay might be a little too much for even the most open mind. The game’s 5,000 times the stake potential might temper any aversion, though you can find that level of reward in many Play’n GO games.

Feline Fury might be bonkers, but the gameplay isn’t bad thanks to its okay features and potential. It might not be volatile enough for the hardcores, yet anyone looking for a touch of madness, or brilliance, might be attracted by the premise.

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