Emerald’s Infinity Reels

Emerald Infinity Reels: Slot Overview

After a hugely successful 2020, Relax Gaming has started the following year off with two slots built on the back of licensed game engines. First was Kluster Krystals courtesy of BTG’s Megaclusters; now, Emerald Infinity Reels utilising ReelPlay’s trademark mechanic. Given the increasing spread of Infinity Reels, and the omnipresence of Irish themed slots, it was inevitable someone would eventually bring the two together. There probably aren’t many players who would have predicted Relax Gaming would be the one to do it.

emeralds infinity reels slot

We know Relax Gaming can come up with brightly original ideas situated in stunning graphical locations. Emerald Infinity Reels shows they are just as adept at relying on more generic settings as well. In this one, the action takes place on a 3×4 sized Infinity Reels driven game board which works differently than what we’ve seen the mechanic do so far. For one, the screen remains static; there is no scrolling right when new reels are added. In fact, Emerald Infinity Reels doesn’t really add new reels at all. Rest assured, it does do an infinity related action when wins appear though. Aside from that alteration, the rest of Emerald Infinity Reels is pretty stock standard, from the glowing green Irish woods to the peaceful Celtic soundtrack.

A reliable theme is backed by a set of reliable stats as well, such as a theoretical return of 96.60% and medium/high volatility. When tackling Emerald Infinity Reels, one thing to be prepared for is a shockingly high number of dead spins. Sure it only takes one spark to kick off a long run of a win, but until that happens it’s possible to sit through a whole lot of nothing. When you combine significant patches of downtime with the way wins accrue, it can be an infuriating process. Perhaps that’s why Relax used such a soothing soundtrack to calm the nerves. Bets are available from 10 p/c to £/€100 per spin, across any device.

Playable from 10 p/c to £/€100 per spin, players are paid for every symbol they collect, rather than for combinations of three or more. There are just six pay symbols in the game, three coloured gems worth 0.4 to 0.6 times the bet, then three higher value icons – a pipe, a mug, and a leprechaun. Each collected premium symbol is worth 1, 1.5, or 3 times the bet. A final point, for now, is no wild symbol is available at any stage of the game.

Emerald Infinity Reels: Slot Features

To win in Emerald Infinity Reels you need matching symbols to land on all three reels. When this happens, a Lucky Respin is awarded. The grid now moves everything one reel to the left, while winning symbols from reel 1 are stored and the third reel is respun. If a winning symbol lands on the respin, the process repeats until no new winning symbols appear. Also, x2 multiplier symbols, as well as bonus symbols, will keep the procedure going. If x2 multiplier symbols are collected, they double the number of symbols stored in the meter. When a spin sequence ends in the base game, all collected symbols are removed.

Collecting 3 or more bonus symbols in a sequence awards 12 free spins plus 2 more for each scatter beyond three. During free spins, collected symbols remain stored throughout instead of being removed between spins. When an x2 multiplier symbol is collected in free spins, it doubles the number of all collected symbols up until that point. Getting a few x2 symbols in here can seriously increase the final payout. Finally, collecting 3 or more bonus symbols in a respin sequence retriggers the feature.

Emerald Infinity Reels: Slot Verdict

Emerald Infinity Reels manages to be both a bit new for this style and completely generic at the same time. There is an initial surprise when wins hit as no new reels are added and no scrolling occurs – it will be interesting to see how Infinity Reels purists respond to the change. From a neutral perspective, what Relax has done is no better or worse than the way this system has been used in the past. It’s merely an extra option which pushes the engine in a slightly different direction.

The collection system takes a while to get used to. Since non-collected symbols don’t count, it can feel like you are missing out on bigger combinations at first. It makes sense when you have had a few wins to see how it works, but it can be frustrating. Particularly as bonus symbols operate under the same rules. So you can have three bonus symbols on screen, yet unless they are all shunted off the grid and collected – nada free spins for you. However, when you get used to the process, it introduces a quasi-video game feel which can be very satisfying when symbol collections do build up into a decent payout. Free spins get a nice boost too since collected symbols always remain in the meter. Getting lucky by scoring a few x2 multipliers can quickly blow the amount up.

Ultimately, Emerald Infinity Reels does nudge the mechanic in a slightly new direction, so points to Relax for being creative. Nevertheless, the game would have made a deeper impression if the studio had run their ideas through a more original theme. Still, with the growing popularity of Infinity Reels, it was inevitable someone would turn it into an Irish extravaganza sooner or later knowing the theme is particularly popular in the UK. Relax just happened to beat their competitors to the punch.

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