Dwarf Mine

Dwarf Mine (Yggdrasil): Review

What’s the thing with dwarfs and mines? Is there actually a history of short people having been used as slave workers in the mining industry or does it all stem from Disney’s Seven Dwarfs? We just had to know, so we set out to do some research. Throughout history, mining has usually been an extremely dangerous gig reserved for slaves and the dirt poor, but we could find no reference in the history books to dwarfs in particular. Instead, we found the answer in Germanic mythology.

According to legend, dwarfs are “short and ugly” human-like creatures that dwell in the earth and in the mountains and are usually associated with mining, crafting and smithing. This image of dwarfs was adopted by Hollywood and subsequently turned into the modern version of the mining dwarfs as we know them today.

Be prepared to get your hands dirty as we head underground to dig for valuable crystals in this 5 reel, 1024 ways to win Yggdrasil Gaming powered slot. Available across all devices from 0.10 to 125 Eur a spin, it comes with Expanding Reels mechanics that expand to give you up to 16,807 win ways. There are two free spin versions on offer in Dwarf Mine – the standard bonus played with 10 free spins and the Collection Free Spins where you get 5 spins with super high-value symbols.

Visually, it has cartoon-style graphics and involves quite a lot of animations. It’s a charming slot with a comical touch to it – in the backdrop, you’ll see the remains of buried people and dinosaurs as well as a Leprechaun hat encased in the solid bedrock. The reels are set inside a rather primitive hydraulic digging machine that is operated by an Irish-looking dwarf. You’ll see him stand to the right of the reel set, frantically jerking the lift lever as he goes up and down to the rhythm of the expanding and retracting reels.

Symbols on the reels are dominated by card suits while the more valuable set is made out dwarven tools in the form of shovels, axes, helmets and lanterns – the latter being the most valuable giving you 1.4 times your stake for on a payline.

Yggdrasil has decided to go against the grain here and leave out the wild symbol. There’s a bonus symbol, however, which has dual functionality. Aside from triggering the free spins, it also expands the reels in the base game – when a bonus symbol appears, the reels expand by 1 row. Due to this Expanding Reels feature, the reels can increase up to a maximum of 3 rows and 16,807 ways to win.

Dwarf Mine (Yggdrasil): Features

dwarf mine
Free spin feature

The standard bonus is played when you land 3 bonus symbols on reels 1, 3 and 5. It’s played with 10 free spins on a fully expanded 16,807 win ways reel set. There’s an alternative bonus as well – in the base game, expanded rows can reveal green, yellow, blue and red crystals. Collect 5 of the same kind to trigger 5 Collection Free Spins.

The Collection Free Spins are played on the same reel set as the standard bonus but gives you only half the free spins. Don’t despair fellow punter! In this slightly more volatile bonus you will benefit from a set of super high-value symbols represented by the 4 different collectable crystals – 5 red crystals will give you 4 times your stake. It should be noted that none of the symbols appears fully stacked which makes it impossible to land a full screen of the same symbol.

Dwarf Mine (Yggdrasil): Verdict

Everything is on point here, from the excellent design and the top-notch musical score to the smooth gameplay – all of which are Yggdrasil Gaming’s strongest categories. But there’s something that just doesn’t sit quite right with Dwarf Mine that ultimately makes it fall short (no pun intended). With no wilds, no fully stacked symbols and without proper premiums to make up for it, it all just ends up crippling the 16k win ways. It becomes obvious when looking at the maximum win potential too that does not even exceed 4000x.

Dwarf Mine is not a terrible effort but it’s definitely not the best from the Swedish provider either. If mega win ways mechanics is the route Yggdrasil Gaming wants to go, they better shape up because with this offering, they’re not even close.

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