Double Lucky Line

Double Lucky Line (Just For The Win): Overview

Gripping on to the Asian reskin bandwagon for dear life comes Double Lucky Line from Microgaming partners Just for the Win. If it’s good enough for NetEnt, it must be good enough for the rest of us was clearly the thinking behind this lacklustre slot. Basically, JFTW has taken the mildly innovative game Tweethearts (which we did not even bother to review) and tarted it up for the Asian market with a palette change and some new symbols. Other than that, the gameplay, maths and features remain bang on the same as before. Testing the game was like experiencing a severe case of déjà vu. If you liked Tweethearts and appreciate Asian themes, you have literally stumbled upon slots nirvana. If that’s not you, well…

It may look like a standard 5-reel, 3-row slot, but the setup is officially slightly different. Instead of 5 reels, there are 15 individual reels, with 17 paylines to form winning combinations on. Winners are formed when 3 of a kind or more symbols land, using double or single symbols. The middle row is the Double Lucky Line and contains double symbols that we will look at in the features section. Aside from the slightly different reel arrangement, the look is pure Asian slot. The base game is bathed in the green and gold hues we all know so well, which flips to red and gold during free spins. Music to the ears of players who go for these kinds of slots, others will be rolling their eyes. Each to their own.

Symbols are also right out of the Asian theme playbook. On the low side are J – A royals desinged in a calligraphy font. The higher value symbols are turtles, frogs, dragons (naturally), and the game logo at the top worth a solid 300 times the stake for 10 of a kind. No, that’s not a typo. Tens are technically possible due to the symbols landing in standard singles, or in doubles. Bet levels range from 10 p/c per spin up to the maximum of £/€100. RTP is steady at 96.02%, and the game has a hit rate of around 1 in 4 spins. With its medium volatility don’t expect too much intensity; this slot is more about gentle rides that pay out small and steady.

Double Lucky Line (Just For The Win): Features

double lucky line
Free spins feature in play

Landing 10 symbols might be the dream but it will take some luck. So it is to the features we mainly rely on to increase the pay rate. Despite being an overblown Asian slot with 15 reels, the features are surprisingly sparse – and are exactly what appeared on Tweethearts. The game has a wild symbol which can appear on anywhere and in singles or double. The Random Wild feature pops up at any time and transforms between 2 and 6 symbol positions into wilds.

The feature that gives the slot is moniker is the middle row called the Double Lucky Line. It is always active during the main game as well as when free spins are in play. Any symbols that land within it are double symbols and count for two regular symbols when it comes to calculating wins, or scoring free spins.

That brings us to the final feature which is a round of Free Spins. The scatter symbol can appear in anywhere as a single or a double. When 5 scatter symbols land (including double symbols) 10 free spins are awarded. Each scatter symbol in view over 5 is worth 1 additional spin up to a maximum of 25 for the round. Lucky Wild symbols can appear during free spins and when they land they make that position a double symbol position while adding one more spin to the tally.

Double Lucky Line (Just For The Win): Verdict

Whatever your feelings are on Asian styled slots will more or less determine your opinion of Double Lucky Line. We wanted to kick off the verdict by acknowledging the positive aspects before launching into a critique but struggled to think of one.

So, on to the constructive criticism. First, the graphics are sub-par. Just for the Win might not be famous for hardcore, volatile slots that spew forth mountains of coins, but they at least usually produce good looking games. Double Lucky Line is an exception to the rule. It’s plain and uninspiring. The background is a dull green wallpaper, and considering the theme, it has nothing of the flamboyant over the top vibe that can carry an Asian themed slot. Gamblers who play these sorts of games want to feel like they have rocked up to the Grand Lisboa in Macau, not some dingy Chinese takeaways that failed a hygiene inspection.

The lucky line with its double symbols is a nice idea, but it means that for the majority of the time, players are stuck on the first two reels. Occasional combos move beyond that to the third, and rarely on to the fourth reel. Once in a long while you get something across all reels and it feels like a significant triumph, whatever the win was. There is no official word on max potential, but since everything else is the same as Tweethearts, you can expect a similar figure of up to 2,500 times the stake.

Double Lucky Line manages to pack a stack of Asian themed clichés into its 5, sorry 15, reels. The result though is a limp slot that is less appealing than the mould it was cloned from. The lack of originality and wow factor means that only hardcore fans of this type of slot need apply. Of course, casuals might dig the hit frequency, but the constant drip-drip win effect is like Chinese water torture that will slowly drive you mad.

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