Dice Spinner Megaways

Dice Spinner Megaways: Slot Overview

Dice Spinner Megaways from Inspired Gaming is a real meeting of modern and ancient. Modern in the form of Megaways, ancient because the studio has picked dice to theme the game. Dipping into the net informed us that dice appeared in an early version of backgammon in the Mesopotamian city of UR circa 3,000 BC. They also showed up in Egypt and Skara Brae, Scotland, around the same time. Who knows, it wouldn’t be a surprise to learn they are even older, but we are apparently yet to uncover further evidence.

Dice these days are even bigger business than their much earlier counterparts, used in a variety of different betting situations. In Dice Spinner Megaways, they’ve been given an Asian slant, as flowing calligraphic lettering appears on some of the higher value dice symbols. With a heavy Reel King feel to it, the dice action takes place on a 6-reel game grid holding up to 7 symbols each, while a horizontal 4-position reel runs along the top. A trippy, somewhat out of place steel blue swirling pattern makes up the background like the detail from an Alex Grey painting. Inspired has used a bizarre bunch of sound effects to complete the picture that might be better suited to a galactic video game than a dice-based online slot. It’s not unpleasant but is odd, possibly narrowing Dice Spinner Megaways’ target audience even further.

Dice Spinner Megaways slot

Playable on any device, Dice Spinner Megaways lets users select bets from 10 p/c to £/€50 per spin. Like the majority of Megaways offerings, a cascade feature is used in all phases of play, triggered when 3 or more matching symbols land left to right starting from the left side of the panel. Since every spin drops a different number of symbols onto each reel, ways to win vary – up to 117,649. Mathematically high volatile, Dice Spinner Megaways produces a theoretical return value of 96.01%.

Its dice through and through on the paytable, starting with the low paying numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 worth 0.6 to 1.7 times your stake for six of a kind. Dice displaying the Asian characters make up the higher value symbols, paying out 2-7.5x for a six of a kind hit. Another dice, with ‘WILD’ written on its exposed side, substitutes for any of the aforementioned pay symbols.

Dice Spinner Megaways: Slot Features

Dice Spinner Megaways slot

Features to look out for in Dice Spinner Megaways include cascades, reel modifiers, a trail feature, the Disc feature, and Maxi Games.


Every winning symbol combination kick starts the cascade function. The winning symbols get removed from the reels, letting others fall into the now empty spaces. If a new winning way forms, the process is repeated.

Reel Modifiers

Question mark symbols landing on the reels are better known as mystery symbols. When they hit, they all morph into the same pay symbol type.

The Trail

When landing a special red character symbol, 2 steps are added to the trail. Any cascade on the same spin sequence adds +1 step to the trail as well. When the trail reaches 6, 7, 8, or 9, then 1, 2, 3, or 4 discs are awarded.

The Disc Feature

These Discs are split into segments displaying different prizes, and the number of Discs awarded from the trail are spun. Here players can win payouts of 2x to 200x their bet or Maxi Games. If 2, 3, or 4 Discs reveal the same prize, it is multiplied by 1.5x, 2x, or 3x, respectively.

Maxi Spins

A Maxi Spin is one game round that guarantees the full 117,649 Megaways are created.

Dice Spinner Megaways slot
Dice Spinner Megaways – Maxi Games in action

Dice Spinner Megaways: Slot Verdict

Imagine, in 5,000 years time, some adventurous avatar uncovering a dusty disused patch of the metaverse called a ‘casino’ where an antiquated device named a ‘slot’ can be played. Into this device, coins can be fed, and when certain symbols line up across its reels, coins come out. It’s unlikely slots in their present form will be around then, but there’s a chance dice still will be. They’ve certainly done well to stick around for five millennia, if not more. It’s equally unlikely that if slots do somehow survive for so long, in one form or another, Dice Spinner Megaways will be one of the examples which is preserved.

We aren’t trying to denigrate what Dice Spinner Megaways does, as such. The game has an unusual set of features that build off of each, and it’s not every day you come across a dice themed Megaways game. So, for a taste of variety, Dice Spinner Megaways might be worth a look, maybe. Though it didn’t do a whole lot for us. It probably didn’t help that right before we reviewed Dice Spinner Megaways, we’d just been shell shocked by a genre-defining slot from Nolimit City. Dice Spinner Megaways, by contrast, was a tad more forgettable, and less exciting in general. Fair dues, there’s nothing particularly bad to report on about Dice Spinner Megaways. It performed for a bit, coughed up the occasionally interesting action sequence, then faded out of consciousness, like a round of Yahtzee which produces a dice combination you’ve already marked off your list.

If dice on a Megaways grid sounds awesome, shoot, fill your boots; Dice Spinner Megaways is the game for you. Outside this specific market, there aren’t too many reasons to give Dice Spinner Megaways a crack. Then again, it kind of has a Reel King vibe going on, which means there is something old fashioned about Dice Spinner Megaways some may go for, others, meh.

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