Dice Dice Dice

Dice Dice Dice (Red Tiger): Overview

The fruit slot freight train rumbles on and refuses to die thanks to Dice Dice Dice from Red Tiger partners R7. This game marries slots with dice and incorporates this oldest of gambling devices to add a new twist to the fruit theme. Some people do things for money and glory; others do them for the sheer love of it. It seems that R7 belongs to the latter because they remain as enigmatic as ever with virtually no information about them available online, not even a website. That is almost unheard of these days. They are becoming like the controversial Satoshi Nakamoto, the supposed inventor of Bitcoin, do they really exist? Someone exists in a well-hidden lab somewhere because they continue to turn out popular slots.

Their initial release, Devil’s Number, was an exciting journey to the dark side and a solid debut effort. R7 are a company that is a little unorthodox in what they do. Instead of starting out mainstream, building a following and moving out to the fringe, they have done the opposite. And it doesn’t get much more mainstream than a fruit slot, though DDD does possess a couple of unique features.

Dice Dice Dice is a sweet looking game, with a 5×3 grid set in a realistic-looking slot machine, all chrome and bright colours that give it a classic American look. Depending on your device’s screen size, the background can appear as a blurred casino gaming hall which adds a touch of atmosphere to the proceedings. Sound effects are more minimal with the odd beep and rumble when the reels spin and features kick in. Players set stakes from as low as 10 p/c and as high as £/€20 per spin. Hit the spin button manually, or get into the flow of the game by engaging auto and/or turbo spins. The game has just 10 paylines on which to create winning combinations of three or more symbols.

Symbols are exactly what you would expect. In ascending order we get cherries, plums, oranges, watermelons, bells, and diamonds. Fiery lucky 7s top the paytable at 15 times the stake for five of a kind. Fruit slots often work best when motoring along at a steady pace, and Dice Dice Dice is no exception. There are no scatters to look out for, so no free spin rounds as such, nor any bonus games to get in the way of the action. RTP is a hair’s breadth below the average at 95.74%. This helps wins come in flurries and lulls due to the medium/high volatility, and overall the returns can be pretty decent.

Dice Dice Dice (Red Tiger): Features

dice dice dice
Rolling Reels feature in play

Like the majority of fruit slots, Dice Dice Dice doesn’t come packed with features. Instead it’s more about simplistic, rhythmic gameplay and pace. With that said, the features that are available can pack quite a punch nonetheless.

The middle reel is the domain of the Lucky Dice symbols. When one of them lands as part of a win line, it is rolled, and the number that turns up is multiplied against the win. Most of the time a Lucky Dice symbol will have just one die to it, but they can land with two or three dice as well. They can also completely cover the third reel to increase win rates even further.

The second feature is the Rolling Respins which gives the grid a real shake to let you know it is in play. This feature is activated at random at any time, and while it’s in play, Lucky Dice are more likely to land. Not only that but when they do land, the multiplier is added from Respin to Respin, which can reach some impressive levels. There is no set number of Respins, so the number of them is also random. During testing, they generally arrived in batches of around 10, and with the multiplier racking up, some decent payouts were coming through.

Dice Dice Dice (Red Tiger): Verdict

The fruit slot theme is certainly not in short supply. Every developer is obliged to crank out at least one just to keep the conservative gamblers happy. It may be a category that has been flogged to death, yet ater seeing what Dice Dice Dice is capable of you would have to say that R7 has done a good job overall. It’s not unmissable, or very innovative, and it does remind us a tiny bit of NetEnt’s Grand Spinn, but on the whole it does offer a couple of new features that make it stand out from the crowded bunch.

Speaking of originality, it’s hard to track down any slot that use dice rolls to calculate multipliers. It’s a good idea, and when you see it in action, it makes perfect sense. It’s one of those effectively simple concepts that make you wonder why so few have implemented it before now. And what a difference multipliers can make. Without them, a full grid of 7s will get you 150 times your bet. Get the Rolling Respins feature to shake up the game and that figure can rocket as high as 5,497 times the stake. A juicy potential, and along with the clever features make the game interesting even if fruit slots aren’t totally your thing.

As far as fruit slots go, Dice Dice Dice is certainly above average. In the looks department, it scores good marks, and they are paired with fast-paced gameplay. Fruit slots are meant to be quick and easy, and R7 accomplishes this with DDD. There are no complicated rules, or reel dynamics to get in the way of the action. If fruit slots are your thing, or you’re just in the mood for an attractive, modern fruit slot, consider taking a look. Dice Dice Dice is certainly capable of serving up some entertaining gaming.

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