Cyberslot Megaclusters

Cyberslot Megaclusters: Slot Overview

Developer Big Time Gaming removes the cover from their Megaclusters mechanic for a second outing in Cyberslot Megaclusters. The first, Star Clusters, showcased what the minutely designed mechanic could do, though the impersonal presentation left some players a little cold. There’s no doubt the game showed the potential of Megaclusters, not to mention the nature of a creative studio constantly looking at ways to evolve. Cyberslot possesses similar gaming at heart, but several new features and rules set it apart from the debut.

cyberslot megaclusters

With a name like Cyberslot, it will come as no surprise to know the game has a futuristic appearance. With a similar Starburst inspired colour palette as the first, the 3×3 action area here is surrounded by a purple/pink pattern while neon dashes rain down in the background. To the sides of the grid, panels light up to track your progress for triggering free spins. Like Star Clusters, it is quite a simple and stripped down look, though one with a more developed theme this time around. An ambient noise hums away during the downtimes, getting retro synth as the action builds in pace and value. The main focus here is on what Megaclusters can do, but the accompanying visuals are perfectly adequate in their support role.

Cyberslot Megaclusters can be played on any device, bearing in mind the symbols do get quite small so they can look quite tiny on a mobile. Getting the clusters popping starts by setting bets, where options range from 20 p/c to £/€20 per spin. As before, volatility is relatively high which works well with the mechanic and the solid potential. Be ready for plenty of low key action in between rarer bursts of long win chains, potentially leading to free spins which depends on a significant number of consecutive wins. One of the great positives about Big Time Gaming is the fact that players can depend on RTP being both fair and constant (as opposed to flexible). Although it’s dropped ever so slightly since Star Clusters, RTP is still excellent on 96.36%.

Going through the paytable, the symbols involved are made up of planetary objects or crystals. There are 7 of them in total; 2 make up the low pays, 2 the mids, and 3 the high pays. Should a cluster of 25 or more high pays land, players pick up a win equal to 25 times their bet. Helping to form winning clusters, 3 wild symbols also show up at various points in the game to substitute for regular paying symbols. One is the purple Regular Wild which may appear on any spin, while the other two are tied to the features.

Cyberslot Megaclusters: Slot Features

At the core of the gameplay is the Reactions win system which works in conjunction with the Megaclusters mechanic. Each symbol that is part of a winning cluster (5+ symbols) will split into 9 smaller symbols during the base game, or 4 in free spins. When wins occur with the smaller symbols, they are removed from the grid to allow new ones to drop down and fill the available positions. Reactions continue until there are no more wins.

A Golden Roaming Wild symbol appears on every spin, carrying a multiplier starting at x1 and incrementing by 1 when substituting in a win. Somewhat reminiscent of the one seen in The Final Countdown, it also moves to any of the 9 positions in the base game or 81 in free spins following a win. When Roaming Wilds move to a new position, they are replaced by 9 symbols in the base game, or 4 in free spins.

Triggering free spins is an interesting undertaking. When 12 or more reactions occur in the base game, 6 free spins are awarded on a larger 9×9 sized grid. The value of the current Roaming Wild Multiplier is carried over when the feature begins. Whenever the Roaming Wild reaches a multiple of 10, then 2 more free spins are awarded. On the first retrigger, the Rainbow Roaming Wild is introduced into the game operating under the same rules as the Golden one. This is also where it gets more intense, as both multiplier wilds multiply wins together. Keep in mind, the multipliers for both wilds continue to grow as explained earlier, making the bonus round more potent the further it progresses.

Cyberslot Megaclusters: Slot Verdict

It might not be a paradigm shift over Star Clusters, but Roaming Wild Multipliers and the way reactions lead into free spins make Cyberslot a different experience. One of the most significant changes is how the bonus game is triggered. Cyberslot is about patiently grinding for what can often be a lengthier bout of free spins, while Star Clusters was closer to short sharp bursts a lot of the time. How you view the two triggering methods will possibly determine how you feel about the two games as a whole. What helps is the ever present Roaming Wild Multiplier producing the odd decent win and generally keeping players on their toes.

Getting to free spins can prove to be quite a challenge. Twelve consecutive wins are more than you usually see when using this technique, much more than the five required for Star Clusters. On the flipside, two free spins was the entry-level award there. At times, the bonus game could be just as frustrating as the base. With so many additional positions available, wins can link together nicely, but there are also greater opportunities for the Roaming Wild to leap into dead zones where there is no chance of making a cluster. Should you manage the first retrigger and pull the Rainbow Wild Multiplier in, then things look up.

Cyberslot felt like a game that requires more patience than Star Clusters to see the exciting bits. Some may relish the challenge, others will wilt under the pressure. Is it a better game than the first? Not really. It’s not worse either, just different. While Star Clusters came to be celebrated as a brand new, and never before seen concept with tremendous potential for great gaming, Cyberslot is more a  sideways step. It doesn’t make a case for Megaclusters being as influential as Megaways has been. Of course, it’s early days, so, for now, we’re still waiting for the Bonanza of Megaclusters to drop and change everything.

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