Crown of Valor

Crown of Valor: Slot Overview

Crown of Valor from developer Quickspin takes players back to the Dark Ages, hurling them into the middle of a castle siege. If that sounds like a test of fortitude, be assured Crown of Valor has the kind of gameplay to match. For whatever reason, it’s actually unusual to find such an intensely themed grid slot. Often developers go with something a lot cuter to cushion the blow. Not so Quickspin, who have paired the game with a substantial reward for those who can break through the gates onto the other side.

Crown of Valor uses the same 3D engine as Nero’s Fortune, so players get a sort of soldier’s eye view of the battle, while siege engines and castle walls loom overhead. This means the 5×5 grid sits on a slight tilt, giving it a kind of three-dimensional aspect which takes a few spins to get used to if you’ve never come across this before. Visually attractive, Crown of Valor shows Quickspin are just as comfortable crafting warm games, populating with adorable characters as they are at dark, heavy, medieval thrillers. From the vocal chant of the soundtrack, building to a dramatic crescendo during the bonus game, the game can get relentless. Overall, there is a strong Game of Thrones type vibe you seldom find in a grid slot.

crown of valor slot

Getting your siege on is possible on any device, where bets from 20 p/c to £/€100 can be set on Quickspin’s shiny new UI system. The studio has shifted to plain white icons instead of the bright orange layout across the bottom of the screen. In keeping with the drama oozing from every orifice, volatility is labeled ‘extreme’, while offering a default RTP of 96.16%. It can make the base game taxing at times, but some do get the chance to activate a bonus buy in certain jurisdictions. When activating this option, RTP rises to 96.48%.

To win, five or more matching symbols must connect vertically or horizontally. When they do, the cluster is removed off the grid, letting new symbols drop into the empty positions. Any new wins are added to the existing win until no new cluster lines up. As well as consecutive wins, tumbles also trigger certain features under the right conditions as we’ll see. As for the paytable, symbols are broken down into high and low groups. Lows are stone-carved J-A icons, where clusters of 12+ are worth 5-7.5x the bet. These are followed by high pays where we find regaling designed birds, tigers, lions, and golden crowns. Landing a cluster consisting of 12+ symbols from this latter group is worth a payout of 15 to 250 times the stake. Crown of Valor comes with a rather potent wild symbol, covered next as it ties to a couple of the features.

Crown of Valor: Slot Features

Any successful cluster win tumbles in one Burning Wild symbol, placed in a random column on top of the remaining symbols. Wilds replace any regular pay to help form a cluster. In both phases of play, base and bonus, a multiplier meter is activated when a Burning Wild lands in view. Any Burning Wild involved in a cluster win boosts the win multiplier by +1. Multipliers are applied to the current win and reset between every spin in the base game.

Wild Fire is a base game only feature, activated when the Wild Fire Meter is filled. When it is, 4 Burning Wilds are placed in random positions on the reels, except on positions held by scatter symbols. It takes 18 winning tumbles to fill the meter.

Activating the bonus game occurs when 3, 4, or 5 scatters land to award 10, 14, or 18 free spins respectively. During the bonus game, any winning tumble increases the game multiplier by +1 – so does any Burning Wild symbol involved in a win. Unlike the base game, the multiplier persists throughout, not resetting between spins. Any bonus symbol landing in the feature adds 1 additional free spin.

Sieging is hard, so to skip that bit players may be able to access a bonus buy feature. When bought for 80x the bet, 3-5 scatter symbols appear on the next spin.

Crown of Valor: Slot Verdict

Crown of Valor has certainly borrowed the spirit of Nero’s Fortune while it was commandeering its engine. Mechanically, it’s fairly conventional, but rarely do players knock together clusters in such an intense environment. Okay, it’s not the same thing as storming castle walls while defenders rain down boiling oil and arrows. Yet it is volatile as the studio claims, so brace for a challenge. The base game can be like sending wave after wave of badly equipped soldiers at a wall, so in other words prepare for a lot of empty spins. There are Burning Wilds and Wild Fire, though the buy feature was a tempting prospect a lot of the time.

However you get there, free spins are where the game opens up. Having a non-resetting win multiplier is as Burning Wilds is a great, though standard idea. What’s not so standard is incrementing the multiplier whenever a Burning Wild is used in a win. In this way, it is possible to build up a pretty impressive multiplier, thus increasing tension and making all the difference between a big win and a lousy one. There are certainly rewards too. In a billion simulated spins, wins as high as 15,619x the bet were recorded.

If you’re after a ruthless grid slot heavy on atmosphere rather than humour, Crown of Valor is a pretty safe bet. It’s got the numbers, and potential is there. All that’s required is to suit up and endure a base game onslaught.

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