Crazy Mix

Crazy Mix: Overview

It’s time to head Down Under players, for the cocktail in paradise themed slot Crazy Mix from independent studio TrueLab Games. Established in 2016, TrueLab hasn’t exactly amassed a huge back catalogue of slots as of yet, and scanning them reveals a tendency to go in for the quirkier side of life. One game is based on a group of sea creatures launching a start-up company in the valley; another one is a 3 payline circular reel event run by a killer whale called Tony. We are talking competition for Crazy Tooth Studio here – thematically at least. Where Crazy Tooth are often all over the map in nearly every aspect, TrueLab sticks to more straight forward slots using offbeat themes and characters, usually.

crazy mix slot

That brings us to Crazy Mix which is located on an island ‘somewhere in the middle of the vast expanses of the sea.’ Since there is only one country populated by kangaroos or koalas, let’s call it what it is, Australia. The graphic level is quite good, the team striking a light cartoonish note full of animations to liven up play. When it comes to the technical aspects of the game, it’s a little less quirky, involving 5 main reels and 15 paylines. It’s pretty straight forward, though there is a 6th bonus reel covered in fruit that is connected directly to the features.

Playable from 15 p/c to £/€100 per spin on any device, the game serves up some notable numbers. The ever-important RTP is a healthy 96.34% while volatility hovers in the medium range. Players who rely on frequent wins to stay motivated will appreciate a high hit rate of 37% along with a high free spins frequency as well which appear once every 95 spins – theoretically. Potential is a standout. We will get to it shortly, but let’s leave it hanging like a Red Quandong on a tree for now.

If you’ve never heard of a Red Quandong before, don’t worry, you’re not alone, though all will become clear in the features section. For now, let’s take a closer look at the paytable, which is divided into low pay, medium pay, and wild sections. Lows are J-A symbols, while mediums are lizards or marsupials such as geckos, turtles, kangaroos, and koala bears. As to values, the mediums range from 16 to 20 times the stake for five of a kind. Two locals round off the paytable by making up the two wild symbols – Chaka and his pal Aneka. They substitute for any regular pay symbol and are both are worth around 66 times the stake for a line of five of a kind.

Crazy Mix: Features

crazy mix respin
Crazy Fresh – respin feature

TrueLab has gone through the trouble of concocting a bit of a back story to help the game make more sense. Basically, there’s a chap called Chaka who collects fruit each day to make cocktails. Okay, it’s a pretty short back story, but it helps lead into the features which are based on cocktail creation. There are two – Boomerang Respins, and Cocktail Free Spins.

Boomerang Respins are triggered on any base game spin when at least one Chaka wild is present on the reels. The leftmost Chaka Wild tosses a boomerang at the bonus reel, hitting a piece of fruit, adding it to the cocktail. During respins, new Chaka wilds throw the boomerang again, adding more fruit to the cocktail while triggering more respins.

Also, whenever Chaka throws the boomerang, a progressive win multiplier is increased by +1. If at least 4 fruits end up in the cocktail, then Cocktail free spins are triggered. Cocktail free spins have an initial spin count of 1 while the current win multiplier is carried over. In addition, the fruits collected in the cocktail improve the feature, like so:

  • Red Quandong – adds one random wild.
  • Jackfruit – adds 1 Cocktail free spin.
  • Blue Quandong – 5 coins multiplied by the current multiplier.
  • Finger lime – adds 1 to the current multiplier.

Crazy Mix: Verdict

Ok, so the 15-payline format might be a turn-off for some, but for players who like to experience new ideas, then TrueLab might be one to watch. They aren’t afraid to dabble with weird concepts and Crazy Mix definitely has its share of unconventional moments. The theme is slightly out there, as are the features, which might sound limited on paper, but are capable of creating big returns all the same.

So far there are some mega paying slots in the Masters Series – Avatar UX blew up with wins of 70,000x+ in PopRocks for example. While Crazy Mix isn’t quite so crazy, its 25,000x potential is still plenty to play for. Due to the limited number of Cocktail free spins though, you will need an obscene amount of luck with respins and cocktail bonuses to go large. Still, opportunities are there, adding a nice sweetener to the game, like a little paper cocktail umbrella in your Piña Colada.

TrueLab might have created a game more palatable for the mainstream here, but that doesn’t stop Crazy Mix from having a few quirks. For a fruit-filled slot which isn’t exactly a fruit slot, and an uncommon theme possessing impressive potential, it might be worth letting Chaka stir up a cocktail or two.

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