Centurion Megaways

Centurion Megaways: Overview

All roads lead to Rome as they used to say, which seems to be the case with developer Inspired Gaming. Centurion Megaways is the third instalment in their popular ‘Centurion’ series and the first to use the Megaways game engine. A popular slot in the UK betting shops, Inspired has made the most of what Megaways offers while filling Centurion Megaways to the brim with a long list of features.

Inspired has picked a peaceful moment in Roman history to set the series. The sun is shining, the crops are growing, and buildings sparkle with the optimism that comes of being the world’s most powerful civilisation. Just as cheerful is our pal, and central figure, Maximum Winnus, who hasn’t aged a bit since his debut in the original Centurion slot. He’s as square-jawed as ever, adding a dash of personality to the proceedings.

Playable from 20 p/c to £/€20 per spin, Centurion Megaways offers one of the highest RTPs in the series with a rating of 95.9%, a figure that should please most budding legionaries. As should the notable potential, coupled with medium volatility that makes for some fairly balanced gaming.

Most of the time Maximum Winnus hides in a bush below the game grid which is your typical Megaways setup made up of 6 reels holding 2 to 7 symbols on each. There is also a horizontal 4-position Extra Reel running along the top. A random number of symbols land on each spin, producing 324 to 117,649 ways to win.

To actually win, players need at least two or three matching symbols on consecutive reels from the leftmost onwards. Every time this happens, the game’s Cascade feature comes to life. Initially, winning symbols are cleared from the reels to allow new ones to fall into the gaps. This may lead to more winners, keeping the Cascade feature going until no new combinations appear.

The pay symbols start with lower-value J-A royals, designed in a nice bright font. In a pleasant throwback, the high pay symbols are the same used in the original – coins, helmets, swords, the Colosseum, and chariots. Values for these symbols range from 1.75 to 7.5 times the stake. The one you want is the Logo as it pays out on two of a kind, while six of a kind is worth 50 times the stake. The wreath wrapped symbol is the wild, which appears only on the Extra Reel to substitute for any regular pay symbol to help create a win.

Centurion Megaways: Features

centurion megaways
Centurion Megaways – free spins

Ancient Romans were known to indulge, and the list of features here would satiate even the most demanding. There is a lot to cover so get comfy, maybe recline on one of those Roman sofas to take it all on board at your leisure.

We mentioned Maximum Winnus hiding in the bushes. Well, from time to time, he pops up to call out a reel modifier. There are 5 of them in total, and one may be randomly awarded on any base game spin:

  • Big Win – a minimum win of 20x is awarded.
  • Super Bonus Reels – extra scatters are added to the reels to improve the chance of triggering bonus features.
  • Minimum Ways – a set minimum number of win ways on the next spin.
  • Maximum ways – the full 117,649 Megaways will be used.
  • Mystery symbol – up to 100 mystery symbols will be added to the reels. All mystery symbols in view transform into the same pay symbol.

When 3 or more Centurion scatter symbols land, the Bonus Wheel is triggered. The more scatters, the greater the chance of winning one of the more lucrative bonus games. Also, if players win one of the lesser games, they may choose to gamble it to win one of the better ones. It is always possible to lose whichever feature is gambled, in which case a mystery cash prize is awarded instead.

The first features on the Bonus Wheel are Prizes on Parade and Super Prizes on Parade. Here, three soldiers hold shields displaying prizes, arrows, or collect, while a flashing light moves over them. Players hit the stop button to accumulate cash prizes, while arrows move to the next shield where the rewards are greater.

Landing on collect ends the feature. During Prizes on Parade, players may win 10x – 43x the bet, or in Super Prizes on Parade 18x to 65x the bet. It is also possible to win Caesar’s Free Spins from the third shield as well.

Next are Caesar’s Free Spins and Super Caesar’s Free Spins. Players spin wheels to attain 6 to 12 free spins plus a win multiplier starting at 1-3 with Caesar’s Free Spins. Or, with Super Caesar’s Free Spins 8-16 free spins where the win multiplier starts at 1-5.

During the feature, each Cascade increases the win multiplier. Getting three scatters on the Extra Reel awards 5 more Caesar’s Free Spins, or 10 more Super Caesar’s Free Spins.

Things come to a head in the Wild Power Spins and Super Wild Power Spins. During the standard Wild Power Spins, Maximum Winnus adds a wild reel to reel 2 on the first spin, another wild stack to reel 3 on the second spin, and another wild reel to reel 4 on the third and final spin.

The process is the same for Super Wild Power Spins, except the Centurion adds yet another wild reel to reel 5 on the fourth spin. All wild reels are locked for the duration of the spins, and each displays a multiplier of x2, x3, x4, x5, or x6. On a positive note, multipliers re multiplied by each other rather than added. Cascades do not occur during this feature, nor is the bonus reel in play.

One last technical feature is the Spin Chance. If the balance is above zero, but below the current bet level, players may be offered one more spin at that level.

Centurion Megaways: Verdict

If you are after a feature drenched slot in a similar vein as those on offer from Blueprint Gaming, it doesn’t come much more packed with extras than Centurion Megaways. From reel modifiers which keep the game flowing, to the numerous features, there is always something to look forward to. Fans of the series will feel right at home in the fertile green surroundings of old Italy while enjoying all of the add-ons Inspired has crammed in.

Whether you decide to gamble the bonus game awarded or not, having so many to try gives the game a longer shelf life. Caesar’s Free Spins are a fairly standard Megaways feature, but Wild Power Spins are intriguing. You might not get a whole lot of spins with them, but there is a real chance they become a hot house of wild/multiplier action. It leads to potential being another area where Centurion Megaways excels, capped at 12,500 times the stake.

Overall, Inspired has done a great job of reviving and enhancing the spirit of the series. Centurion Megaways is one of those slots whose light-hearted nature makes it tough to dislike. It starts with bright sunny visuals, accentuated by the slapstick Maximum Winnus, assisted by a stack of features, all topped off by impressive potential.

Like the Roman civilisation in its heyday, when the game goes well it’s hard not to smile and feel all is right in the world. The Centurion slots have proven to be a hit both on and offline, and there is no reason why Centurion Megaways won’t be as well.

On a side note, Inspired remade another classic around the same time; the old school infused Reel King Megaways. Both pack a lot of firepower so it will be interesting to see how the two match up in the popularity stakes.

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