Cash Volt

Cash Volt: Overview

Cash Volt from developer Red Tiger is a slot that hearkens back to a simpler era of gaming. Back to a time when slots were more or less limited to performing one basic function. That statement alone may seal the deal either way for a lot of players. Cash Volt does basic gaming so uncompromisingly there is no middle ground. You either love the style, or you don’t. But hey, as always, we’ll hold off making judgement until the game has run through its paces.

From the minute Cash Volt loads you know you are playing a Red Tiger product. It’s a combination of the user interface, the visible lines when you score wins, and the overall vibe. The classic 5-reel, 20-payline game area is located on what could be a stage, like a jukebox perhaps? It’s a little tricky to grasp exactly what concept Red Tiger went for, other than producing something ’old school’ – in their words.

A bass-heavy, and like much else in the game, monotonous funk track accompanies the spinning. Should you need motivation to solider on, above the reels, you can find a list of instant prizes and how to win them. In theory, it seems easy, in practice, well it will depend on a solid helping of luck.

Some say you make your own luck in life, which is true to an extent. The first step in doing so is choosing a bet where options range from 10 p/c to £/€40 per spin. RTP is slightly below average as it often is with Red Tiger, but at 95.71% it’s more disappointing than it is diabolical. The developer has rated volatility at 3/5, while the hit rate comes in at 2/5. Not sure exactly what that equates to in standard percentage terms, but the hit rate is low as tradition has it with fruit slots.

Symbols are all classic / old school / generic icons of the biz, depending on how you view them. In ascending order, there are cherries, lemons, a single bar, double bars, triple bars, stars, horseshoes, bells, and sevens. As an indicator of winning potential, should you land a full line of sevens, you are looking at a payout of 15 times the stake. To be fair, you are just as likely to get returns from Cash Volt’s instant win feature so let’s check it out.

Cash Volt: Features

cash volt slot
Cash Volt – fat tiles in action

Central to the action are the Cash Volt symbols which may land anywhere on the grid and pay from any position. At least 6 are required for an instant reward of 5 times the stake up to a full screen of 15 Cash Volt symbols for the game’s top prize of 2,500x.

Cash Volt symbols may also appear in a Super Cash Volt format. Standard Cash Volt tiles appear in 1×1 size, while the Super variety land in 2×2 or 3×3 size. Super Cash Volt symbols don’t do anything special though, other than turn into a collection of individual 1×1 sized Cash Volt tiles.

Cash Volt: Verdict

The game specs hype Cash Volt up by mentioning ‘electrifying wins’ which is a term used frequently. However, with Cash Volt it is possible to have solid, one-off ‘electrifying’ wins – provided you land the right number of Volt symbols. Fifteen is the lucky number, which is worth 2,500 times the stake right there.

From one spin, 2,500x isn’t bad at all, but it is the only thing Cash Volt has to offer. If you like endless spinning while waiting for the big one to strike, then you might dig the game. If you need some variety or like multiple ways of scoring decent wins, then this one-dimensional game is unlikely to cut it.

Overall, potential might not be huge, but it is achievable since all that is technically required is a bunch of Volt symbols to show up. During testing, Volt symbols did appear quite regularly which helped retain a certain level of interest, albeit at rapidly diminishing levels.

Cash Volt is not a game where you wait an age for the special symbol to appear. This is fortunate because aside from instant wins; there is nothing else going on. No modifiers, no bonus games, or free spins. In some ways, Cash Volt is like furiously rubbing the silver stuff off scratch cards to (hopefully) reveal the right symbols. Again and again and again.

At the end of the day, perhaps old school isn’t the most accurate way of describing Cash Volt. Old fashioned might be better. It’s not so much retro styling that makes you nostalgic for the good ole days. Rather, it’s rudimentary, limited, lacking depth.

Then again, this type of gameplay does have its fans, in particular in the UK where basic arcade classics such as Reel King are huge. For some players, Cash Volt might be like walking down a street they grew up in as a child where the flowers smell more fragrant, the air is cleaner, the light somehow brighter. For others, playing Cash Volt will be like trading in an iPhone for an Alcatel OT 311 featuring a burning orange display, no internet, and storage capacity for 20 messages.

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