Bounty Raid

Bounty Raid: Overview

Developer Red Tiger lines up to release another one of them thar’ Western-themed slots. A perennial favourite, the Wild West’s characters and foibles continue to provide abundant digging ground to colour slots. This time, the focus is on a less popular gaming character – the mysterious bounty hunter.

In an even bigger twist, we get a female bounty hunter as the hero of the show. However, other than a slight character shakeup, and an okay feature, there isn’t much else to get super jazzed over. After delving into its world of goodies, baddies, and badasses, we can all be the judge.

It has to be said that Bounty Raid is a pleasing game to look at. Whatever else you might think of Red Tiger’s products, they are rarely hard on the eyes. The standard 5-reel, 10-payline reel set is bordered by some nice cowboy styling, all skulls on curved framing which would sit perfectly in any Saloon from here to Santa Fe. The background is an all-action chase scene from a bounty hunter’s eye view. It’s a bit different and coupled with the soundtrack provokes a nice first impression.

From there it’s onto bet selection where players can take part in the Western action from 10 p/c to £/€100 a pop. As is often the case in a Red Tiger slot, RTP is down a bit on 95.71%. It’s not a huge dip, but when you consider how many Western slots are available offering better stats, it does give pause. Hit rate and volatility share the same score at 3 out of 5, so when mixing in the low potential, you don’t exactly have a hardcore bounty hunt on your hands.

Simplicity is the name of the game when it comes to rules, starting with an easy to follow 10 paylines on which to land winners. Combinations are formed by 3 or more matching symbols on one of the paylines, left to right, from the first reel as you’d probably expect.

There is something about the Wild West that makes it ideal for basing slots around, and symbol options are a particularly fertile area. Bounty Raid’s paytable starts with a bunch of steel-rimmed card suits – diamonds, hearts, clubs, and spades leading the paytable off. These are supplemented by the high pays – boots, hats, saddles, pistols, and a big ‘ole chest of gold coins. Five of a kind payouts range from 1x for the clubs, up to 8x for a line of gold chests. Interestingly, Red Tiger has decided to omit a wild symbol, but there are a bunch of special symbols to cover in the next section which help boost payouts.

Bounty Raid: Features

bounty raid
Bounty Raid – free spins

The rough-riding bounty hunter is the star of Bounty Raid and the key to its only feature. This chesty dame, who you wouldn’t want to mess with, appears as a non-paying 1×2 sized scatter symbol on the third reel only. When she does land, all bandits in view on the reels are locked for the Bounty Hunter respin feature.

Now, if a new bandit symbol or gold coin symbol lands, the respin feature is retriggered. Each bandit displays a prize which gets collected as the feature progresses, offering individual values of up to x50 at the most. If no new symbols appear, the combined total of the bandit values are tallied up and paid out.

Two more symbols may appear during respins – the Sheriff, and the Gold Coin. Whenever a gold coin lands, it increases the value of all visible bandit symbols. The Sheriff is also useful, because if he lands, he rounds up the bandits, combining all of their values. Only one Sheriff can appear at a time, on any reel, except the middle one.

Bounty Raid: Verdict

The initial impression of Bounty Raid was quite good thanks to the decent audio and visuals, an area where Red Tiger often shines. But, a few spins later, Bounty Raid was like swigging too hard on pappy’s moonshine – the situation quickly slid downhill.

One of the main issues is a lack of motivation. Other than the pleasant Wild West atmosphere, Bounty Raid lags in just about every other department. Low on features, low on thrills, low on potential. No doubt, there will be players who will sign up for a casual raid, dazzled by the premise. But it is a puzzler when you consider how many more appealing Western-themed slots there are to choose from.

Aside from Domino Harvey, you don’t often hear about female bounty hunters, so kudos for the girl power shout out perhaps. Apart from that, there is little else to get excited about when playing Bounty Raid. Potential is a major drawback for one. At 1,000 times the stake, few real-life bounty hunters would bother picking up the contract. It just wouldn’t be worth their while. Especially when there are far bigger prizes in the iGaming West along with higher RTPs and more exciting features. To be fair, the respin bonus can be alright when it gets a good momentum going. But respins are all there is, so when you’ve seen them once, well, that’s all folks as Daffy would say.

In summation, perhaps Bounty Raid will suit those dipping a tentative toe in the Western genre for the first time and don’t want too wild a ride. Not everyone wants to bareback the roughest bronco in the stable after all. Still, most want some bang for their buck which will be tough to find playing Bounty Raid.

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