Betty, Boris And Boo

Betty, Boris and Boo: Slot Overview

In real life, the last thing you want to see wafting through walls, or dragging ethereal ball and chains down grand staircases, are those visitors from the other side – ghosts. Some say ghosts have unfinished business in the physical realm; perhaps they’re just having a bit of fun by frightening the living? Whatever their motivation for clinging to the three-dimensional world might be, one place their presence signifies something positive is in slots. This is because when they show, they’re usually accompanied by a feature or modifier – as is the case in Red Tiger’s spectral slot Betty, Boris and Boo.

betty boris boo slot

Named after three helpful denizens from the other side, Betty, Boris, and Boo is played in classic Red Tiger style on a 5×4 grid, using 30 fixed paylines. Thematically, this isn’t a dark game at all, like, not in the slightest. The slot has been placed in a warm candlelit room, with just one clue to suspect it’s haunted – the portraits of three ghosts hanging on the wall to the left. A curved staircase leads up to the next level on the right amidst a cold blue light, but there isn’t much that will raise hairs on the back of your neck. Including Spooky Spins when the wraiths finally show up.

Played offering bets from 10 p/c to £/€20 per spin, things are a little more menacing behind the scenes, where a highly volatile math model lurks. The game comes with a default RTP of 95.69% along with fairly decent potential as you will see.

While Betty, Boris, and Boo does include several features, none appear in the base game. During this phase, its only line wins on hand to spike thrills, occurring when three or more matching symbols land from the first reel. One exception is the skull ‘n coins symbol, which is the highest paying regular worth 8x the stake for five of a kind – it pays on two or more. From there we find an old fashioned rotary phone, a book, a mirror, and a candle making up the rest of the high pay symbols. Landing full lines of these are worth payouts of 3 to 6 times the bet. At the bottom of the table are four unusual shapes in gold, green, purple, and red colours.

The only other symbol to cover, aside from the scatter, is a swirling blue diamond wild. Wilds land on any reel, substituting for all paying symbols. They are also worth coins in their own right – up to 10x the bet for five of a kind.

Betty, Boris And Boo: Slot Features

As mentioned, Betty, Boris And Boo’s base game is surprisingly devoid of features. As in, there is nothing in the main game to divert your attention or boost regular wins. To do that, you’ll need to trigger free spins, where the three ghosts bring their modifying abilities to the game.

Landing 3 Spooky Spins symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 awards 10 free Spooky Spins. The game does help out in this task to an extent. If at least 1 scatter is present, though less than 3, then whatever is in view is locked for the next spin, giving you a chance to trigger the feature. In Spooky Spins, the three ghosts become active, each one possessing an individual Spooky feature. They appear completely at random, and it is possible all three turn up on the same Spooky Spin:

  • When Betty is triggered, she turns regular symbols into wilds. These wilds are sticky, so remain locked in place for the duration of the feature.
  • The one which looks like Slimer from Ghostbusters is Boris. This food-munching guy expands a random high pay symbol into 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4 size. Boris may also reappear at later stages in the feature to create various combinations of symbol types and sizes.
  • Boo is last, he applies a multiplier to any win for the duration of Spooky Spins. Boo may appear more than once, increasing the multiplier to a maximum of x10.

Betty, Boris And Boo: Slot Verdict

For easy-going ghost action, Betty, Boris, and Boo packs a certain level of entertainment. It’s easy on the eyes, features aren’t bad, and it’s not very demanding – a sentence which sums up a fair share of Red Tiger slots. The fact there are no extras in the base game might come as a surprise. It means the main game can drag, and it took quite some time for the first bonus to trigger. While waiting, conscious effort was required to stick it out to see what would happen

The good news is after the first bonus, free spins did trigger more frequently, which perked up enthusiasm. Free spins were utterly random, meaning some were as barren of modifiers as the base game while others were ghost fests – sometimes all three characters appearing on a single spin. At best, decent wins of up to 5,241 times your stake are possible.

Playing Betty, Boris, and Boo can be fun, yet it doesn’t make a deep impression. Put it this way; you probably wouldn’t click the second page of a Google search if it didn’t turn up on the first. Still, there are moments during free spins when the action spikes and potential’s alright too. Due to the light treatment of the theme, Betty, Boris, and Boo is a ghost slot you could play in the dark without leaping at every strange creak at the other end of the house.

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