Atlantis slot: Overview

Come head into salty sea water with Red Tiger’s mythically themed slot Atlantis. The title might sound like it is missing another word, but players get a clear indication of what they can expect – namely, an underwater search for ancient riches. The good news is that there are a few surprises ahead that might not be so obvious from the title and screenshots. Take a deep breath and let’s dive down and discover them.

The first underwater impression is a good one with the game’s 5-reel, 4-row grid set within pillars on the seabed. The old city can be seen in the background, with flowing weeds and coral sprinkled here and there for decoration. Atlantis has just the sort of pleasing visuals Red Tiger consistently produce that manage to be modern, yet slightly classic and familiar at the same time. Although we must say, Atlantis does stand out a bit as one of the more attractive slots we’ve seen from Red Tiger in a while.

Stakes are the first port of call and are available from 10 p/c up to £/€20 per spin. Not a high roller paradise perhaps, but more than enough for the majority of player requirements. While we are on the topic of numbers, the return to player rate is a shade under average on 95.77%, which is not amazing, but also nothing to be overly concerned about. Volatility, meanwhile, has been rated a solid 5/5 by Red Tiger, which just happens to be the same score given to the hit rate (5/5). Testing confirmed a fairly steady stream of smaller wins, augmented by the features, though hitting the bonus game proved a challenge and a half.

Atlantis is a cascading slot that utilises 30 paylines. When a winning combination is achieved, winning symbols pop from the reels and are replaced by new symbols which can create chains of consecutive winners from a single spin. The first time that happened was a little surprising as Atlantis didn’t automatically come across as the kind of slot. The classic vibe it successfully exudes sees to that – no complaints though.

Aquatic imagery livens up the paytable symbols. Well, the high pays at least. This lot includes anchors, shells, a telescope, a cup of gold, and an Atlantis tile. On the low pay side, there are 4 gold and gem card suits – clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds. Payouts range from 0.5x for 5 clubs up to 5 times the stake for 5 Atlantis symbols. Values might not be huge on their own, but get significant boosts from cascades and the multipliers included with the extra features.

Atlantis slot: Features

atlantis slot
Atlantis – free spins feature

If there is one thing all deep-sea explorers want to find, it’s a chest full of treasure. Atlantis proves the rule with the desirable Treasure Chest icon which can appear in the base game and bonus feature. When a Treasure Chest appears on the reels it expands to create a full wild reel. It only does so, however, once it reaches the bottom row. If it doesn’t directly appear on the bottom row, it’s held over for the next spin. Only one chest can appear at a time and they can also come with a multiplier of up to x5.

The main event in the Atlantis slot is the Gold Spins free spins feature. This is triggered when 3 Gold Spins scatters land to award 10 free spins. During the bonus game, wild reels appear as before, but now their multiplier does not reset between spin. This means consecutive instances of the wild reel add their multiplier to the previous total. Each can add up to an additional x5 – with no limit to how high the multiplier can go. Whenever a Gold Spins symbol lands during the bonus game, each one adds one additional free spin to the remaining total.

Atlantis slot: Verdict

Atlantis might not be super exciting a lot of the time, but the Gold Spins feature is a potential saving grace and makes all the difference to a session. Trigger it, and Atlantis becomes a pretty good game. If not, and it is possible to have a bonus-free session, Atlantis can be hard going. To be fair, it’s generally not one of those beasts that devour unlucky bankrolls in an eye blink. Wild reels pop up frequently enough to help keep bankrolls afloat, but getting deep into the black depends on getting that elusive third bonus symbol to surface.

Atlantis isn’t looking to reinvent iGaming and it’s not a title that will have a particularly long shelf life. Still, it’s simple, superbly designed, and actually quite entertaining. The potential isn’t all that bad either, which makes it all the better. How much you ask? Red Tiger advertises wins of over 5,202 times your stake and racking up a substantial multiplier during Gold Spins will get you well on the way. The tricky part, the banana peel on the fishing boat, so to speak, is getting Gold Spins to trigger in the first place.

If we haven’t mentioned it enough, Atlantis is one of those games where everything resides on the bonus game. Sure, you could say a lot of slots are like that, it’s just that the progressive multiplier is so effective that the math model can make them tough to access. When Gold Spins are cracked open like a stubborn clam, the game switches from battle to reward mode and Atlantis can be a real delight. If you are okay patiently dog-paddling in one spot for a potentially remarkable bonus game result Atlantis might be worth a look.

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