Artemis vs Medusa

Artemis vs Medusa: Overview

Get set for some Ancient Greek girl power as the forces of light and darkness line up to do battle in Artemis vs Medusa from developer Quickspin. The two devas of the ancient world square off against each other during an Unlimited Spin bonus game, rewarding players whenever Artemis strikes a blow. Defeat the horde of monsters, and rewards lie in wait, in this battle-laden slot.

Medusa needs no introduction; her evil eye could turn the unwary to stone just by looking at them. Along with her evil eye, her hissing snake bangs were the stuff of legend. Artemis is a bit more low profile. In a nutshell, Artemis was the daughter of Zeus and the goddess of childbirth, midwifery, and strangely chastity. She was also the goddess of the hunt, depicted in antiquity with a bow and quiver of arrows. This is the guise Quickspin has chosen for Artemis vs Medusa. For one, as a hunter she is much more effective against monsters, for two, a slot about midwifery would just be weird.

Quickspin are a developer with a skilled graphics department, and the team has gone to town in Artemis vs Medusa. The 5-reel, 1,024 win ways grid has been placed in a rugged environment, surrounded by towering stone guards and misty mountain tops. In some ways, the visuals produce a similar vibe to the one Quickspin poured into Nero’s Fortune. Well, perhaps not quite so terrifying as that one, thanks to the yellow hues, but it certainly has an epic feel to it nonetheless. Just as epic is the soundtrack which provides the final piece in the mythological puzzle.

Playable from 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin, the game is highly volatile, rated 4.4/5 by Quickspin to be precise, whilst the RTP comes in at 96.12%. Pretty standard stuff for this particular developer, although the RTP seems to have been creeping downwards ever so slightly. It’s not just Quickspin though, but a trend that’s been playing out in the industry as a whole.

The paytable is made up of 11 regular symbols, 6 low pays, 4 medium, and 1 high. The low pays are diamond-shaped stones of various colours worth 1x to 2x the stake for five of a kind. Medium pays offer better returns from 2.5x to 15x the stake and a quite the menagerie. Players get harpies, gryphons, minotaurs, and Medusa. The fair-haired Artemis is the sole high pay, worth 25 times the stake for five. Assisting players to form winning combinations is the golden antler symbol which is wild, and can substitute for any regular symbol.

Artemis vs Medusa: Features

artemis vs medusa
Artemis vs Medusa – free spins

Quickspin has gone for the all action-angle when it comes to features, packing them with weapons and battles. Juicing up the main game are Monster Bounty Coins, a Monster Bounty, all capped by the triggered Unlimited Battle Free Spins feature.

Whenever medium pay symbols land during the base game, there is a chance they have a Monster Bounty Coin on them. If the golden framed Artemis symbol lands on the last reel, any Monster Bounty Coins in view are collected, and a Bounty payout awarded.

The amount awarded is related to the medium symbol value on the Monster Bounty table and the number of coins on the reels. The base values for harpies, gryphons, minotaurs, and Medusas on this table are 2x, 4x, 8x, and 15 times the bet respectively.

The main event occurs when 3 scatter symbols land to trigger the Unlimited Battle Free Spins feature. The action shifts up into the clouds on a battlefield with Artemis on one side, the monsters on the other. There is also a meter which records the progress the monsters make during the battle.

Whenever an Artemis symbol lands on the reels, all monster symbols in view are collected on the meter and they amble closer to Artemis on the battlefield. For example; 3 harpies plus 3 minotaurs take up a total of 6 spaces on the meter.

Also, for every Artemis symbols that lands, one monster type is removed from the meter from lowest to highest. A reward is paid for doing so according to the Monster Bounty table and the number of bars. If the meter exceeds 15 bars or Artemis slays all the monsters Freespins come to an end.

Artemis vs Medusa: Verdict

Like the battling bonus game, Artemis vs Medusa is a game of hits and misses. On the whole, there is more of the former than the latter, but the format suits players who go for dynamics more than straightforward gaming. The feature can lead to long drawn out bonus round as goodies and baddies battle back and forth. It always feels a little one-sided since Artemis is alone against a handful of beasts, but it often goes your way.

How far does it go? The game has clocked wins in the region of 5,286 times the stake which is reasonable. Though, that was achieved during 100 billion spins, so don’t expect Artemis to dispatch the Gorgons or scoop huge Medusa bounties every time. Other positives include the nice graphics which evoke the epic nature of the theme. Other high points include the atmospheric music and a nice pace thanks to the regular(ish) feature hits, or near-hits that contribute to the flow.

All up, Artemis vs Medusa slightly bizarre gameplay might not appeal so much to those who like straight forward, hard and fast style gaming. But players who like fairly fierce math models powering their Gorgon battles and extended features may appreciate the mythological action.

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