Archangels Salvation

Archangels Salvation Slot: Overview

Based on the classic idea of good vs evil, Archangels: Salvation is a 6-reel, 12-row video slot with free spins, wild substitutions and 2 wild features. The game is played with 100 paylines (fixed) and is playable from €0.40 to €200.

The game features two full reel symbols – the Archangel and the demon. These two are also the highest paying symbols, rewarding you 150 coins for 5 of a kind. The remaining symbols are made up of diamonds, hearts, spades, clubs, skulls, lions, hoods and helmets. The wild, meanwhile, is made out of a 2×2 block. Stacks of wild symbols and the singleton wild symbol only come into play during the Heaven and Hell features. All wild symbols substitute for all symbols, except the scatter symbol.

Archangels Salvation: Features

There are 2 separate hot spot areas in the game. The first consists of the top 2 rows of the game area, and the second consists of the bottom 2 rows of the game area.  Each of the areas has its own wild feature. The top hot spot area activates the Heaven feature, the bottom hot spot area – the Hell feature.

If the 2×2 Wild lands on the reels so that any of its part is in the hot spot area, the respective wild feature is activated. The Wild feature is activated for each position on the reels that is occupied by the 2×2 Wild. For example, if the 2×2 Wild lands completely in the hot spot ear, the feature is activated 4 times.

The feature can be activated again if either a stack of Wild symbols (or its part) or a singleton Wild symbol lands in the hot spot area again. Either 1 stack of Wild symbols or 4 singleton Wild symbols are generated for each Wild symbol in the hot spot area.

The same feature cannot be activated 2 times in a row and only 1 feature can be active at a time. Also, there can only be 2 types of Wild symbols present on the reels during the features. The features end when either no new Wild symbols land in the hot spot areas or when the Wild symbol has no free positions to land on the reels.

  • Heaven feature: The Heaven feature is activated when a 2×2 Wild symbol lands fully or partially in the top hot spot area. If the 2×2 Wild lands partially, 2 stacks of Wild symbols are generated. If it lands fully, 4 stacks of Wilds are generated. The lenght of the wilds varies from 3 to 5 symbols.
  • Hell feature: The hell feature is activated when a 2×2 Wild symbol lands fully or partially in the bottom hot spot area. Should this happen, the hell area starts shooting singleton Wilds that land randomly on the reels. Singleton Wilds cannot land on the top of Scatter and other Wild symbols, nor in the bottom hot spot area.

The highlight is the free spins round which is activated when 3 or more stacked scatter symbols appear anywhere on the reels. The Scatter symbols are 2-stacked, meaning they occupy 2 positions on the reels – 3, 4, 5 and 6 Scatter symbols award 10, 15, 20 and 24 free spins respectively. During free spins, both hot spot areas are increased to 3 rows. The free spins game cannot be re-triggered.

Scatter symbol

Archangels Salvation: Verdict

In terms of potential there is not much to get excited about with a max win of 375x for a full screen made up of the top symbol. So what is there to be said about it? Well, having seen NetEnt’s recent releases, we weren’t really expecting much. Unfortunately, as it turns out, this is another disappointment from the once so mighty Swedish game provider.

The main game brings more or less no excitement at all and neither the Archangel nor the demon knows how to aim wilds. Even in the odd case the wilds do line up the way you want them to, you can’t expect anything to brag about. We understand that this is supposed to be a low variance game, but online gambling has evolved and moved forward and players these days expect to be able to hit big. Without any potential it feels pointless to play. This is a gambling “machine” after all, not a video game. The only thing its got going for it is that it can (certainly not guaranteed) be a good option for wagering.

Another problem is that the free spins feature is too similar to the main game. It would certainly have made it a bit more interesting if the bonus game stood out a bit more. Trying it the first time we couldn’t really tell what the difference was, except that the 2×2 wild symbol appeared to land more frequently. This just feels old, slow, uninspiring and weak, and we see no good reason to play this game at all. Sorry NetEnt, you need to hear the truth and we know you can do better.

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