Alien Antix

Alien Antix (Blueprint Gaming): Overview

Merely a few weeks have passed since Blueprint Gaming dropped their first-ever grid slot on the betting community. Some saw Dragonfall as a little too close to Jammin’ Jars for comfort. Others were happy with the volatile features that could work together and yield substantial wins. Either way, Blueprint Gaming is back with their second grid slot which follows a comparable formula to the first. Theme wise, however, it is miles apart. Alien Antix is set out in space this time around and is full of cute wee monster/aliens. How does it compare to its predecessor? Let’s beam up and find out.

Swinging doors open to let players on board the game. What greats them is an 8×8 grid that allows 64 symbols to fall into place. In the background galaxies swirl and energy blasts strike the purple alien planet below. The soundtrack is a sort of futuristic Samuel J Hoffman Theremin sounding tune that fits the visuals nicely. On a side note, Neil Armstrong took a tape of Theremin tunes to listen to on the moon shot. Imagine the crew of Apollo 11 drifting through the void accompanied by those eerie warbling’s. Talk about the ultimate trip. Anyway, back to the game. So, the grid is covered in aliens, but these are aliens of the adorable variety. Players get them tumbling by first choosing a bet levels from 10 p/c all the way up to £/€500. There is something here for all gambling styles though the win caps might make high rollers rethink their approach.

Cascading wins complement the cluster pays system. Payouts occur when matching symbols touch horizontally or vertically in clusters of 5 or more. Winning clusters are removed from the grid to let more symbols tumble into place. Chain reactions repeat until no more winners land then it is on to the next fresh spin. Open up the paytable to find 6 regular pay symbols. All are new to the game, and all are cute wee space monsters. They are more Monster Inc. style creatures than HR Geiger. In ascending order is a brown one, purple, green, pink, yellow, and orangey-red. All have varying expressions of happiness or boredom. The one-eyed orangey-red critter is worth 100 times the stake in clusters of 25+.

When it comes to stats, RTP sits comfortably on 96.43%. There is no official word on volatility, but expect it to be on the medium/high side. Dragonfall was famously Blueprint’s most volatile slot to date, and the two share similar characteristics. However, a change to the bonus round has shaken up the payout rate and the high intensity rides that Dragonfall could produce. Other than that, the two slots come bundled with familiar features.

Alien Antix (Blueprint Gaming): Features

Like Dragonfall, the wild symbol is the key to a lot of Alien Antix’s best moments. The wild symbol looks like a swirling atom and can land anywhere on the grid. It can substitute for any other symbol. When it is used to help form a win, it remains on the grid and moves to one of the empty adjacent spaces before the next cascade. Wilds also possess a Win Multiplier that starts at x1. After a win has been processed the win multipliers increases by +1. More than one wild can boost a winning cluster with their combined multiplier for better returns. There is technically no limit to how win multipliers can go.

Colossal Symbols is a feature that can appear randomly at any moment of the game. After a tumble, the screen starts to shake, and huge symbols are added to the grid. All of the positions that they cover are converted into the alien on the colossal symbol. The one exception is that they do not convert wild symbols.

There is no separate scatter symbol, so this role is also taken up by the wild. When 3 or more appear on the grid, they trigger the Colossal Capers Free Spins feature. This time we get 8 Win Fall free spins. Two more than Dragonfall had and with altered rules. This time there are no sticky wilds for the duration of the feature. Instead, every free spin is guaranteed Colossal Symbols. This change means the free spins round is totally unlike the one seen in Dragonfall.

Alien Antix (Blueprint Gaming): Verdict

Picture Dragonfall with aliens and nebula’s rather than dragons and eggs, and you’ll have a good idea of what to expect. However, the two key changes to the free spins round make them quite different. First off, there are two more of them. Second, wilds are not sticky. You don’t get those endless chains of wandering wilds and multipliers in Alien Antix that are possible with Dragonfall. Nor do you get the frustration when that doesn’t quite happen. On the other hand, Colossal Symbols means wins, of varying sizes, on just about every free spin.

These change help separate the two slot. Which is the more preferable comes down to how you would like the free spins to play out. Dragonfall is the more volatile, more all or nothing beast. Alien Antix is a gentler, more rounded slot. Potentially, the game has a win cap of £250,000 or 50,000 times the bet – whichever comes first. Obviously, that’s rather high. But it will be very difficult to threaten that cap unless you are high stakes betting. Realistically, land 25+ of the red guy plus a few wild multipliers and you might crack a 500 – 1,000 times the stake. Without sticky wilds during free spins, it is much harder to build epic chains of multiplying wins than with Dragonfall.

All up, Alien Antix may not be as sophisticated and refined as other grid slots on the market, but is nevertheless another decent offering from Blueprint with fun symbols and theme. The overall gaming experience is akin to Dragonfall, yet its differences set it apart from its more volatile sibling.

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