Agent Destiny

Agent Destiny: Overview

Swedish developer Play’n GO busts out the pencils and ink to bring some coming book-styled action to the reels with Agent Destiny – a 60s spy themed slot bursting with bad guys, scientists, safes, gadgets, and busty dames. Agent Destiny might have cartoon styling, but it’s not that Saturday morning kids tv look that shows up a lot in slots. No, Agent Destiny has a more grown-up noir vibe going on that takes inspiration from the Silver Age of Comic Books. The game world is high tech, yet retro, where agents are just as comfortable swirling a martini glass at a billionaire’s party as they are popping baddies off underground lab gantries. In short, it’s a fun place for a slot to be set with a great look that takes over where Mission Cash left off.

The look might be fairly fresh for Play’n GO, but the stats coming out of the math model are pretty typical – and that’s no bad thing. For one, default RTP sits at 96.22%, which is a good figure. Moreover, Agent Destiny comes with that maximum Play’n GO volatility and crazy swings that most hardcore gamers typically enjoy. A good range of bets is available as well to cover most gambling requirements. On the lower side stakes start at 10 p/c and can go up to £/€100 per spin. Once selected, players can tux up and act all Bond-ish.

Agent Destiny comes with a fair haul of features on its 5-reel, 3-row grid, but the general rules don’t need much deciphering. For starters, winning combinations are formed by landing three or more matching symbols left to right on one of the 20 paylines. There are 8 regular symbols with which to do so, split into groups of 4 low and 4 high. Low pays are the ubiquitous 10-A royals that turn up everywhere, but Play’n GO has spruced them up with a few dots and some wiring to give them more of a secret agent appearance.

The high pays are made up of Agent Green, Agent Blue, a dastardly looking scientist, and finally, Agent Destiny herself. Symbol values are pretty decent across the board with a line of 5 premiums worth between 6x and 15 times your stake.

Agent Destiny: Features

agent destiny slot
Agent Destiny free spins feature with mega symbols in view

Usually the wild symbol would get a mention in the previous section, but since there are technically 2 and they play a significant role in the game, lets cover them here. The first is the Wild Safe which can substitute for anything but the scatter symbol. The Wild Safe and all of the high pay character symbols can appear as Mega Symbols of various sizes. Mega symbols appear at random or when stacks of the same symbol on adjacent reels merge. The Wild Safe is also the most valuable symbol in the game with five on a payline being worth 60 times your stake.

Next up is the Linked Reels feature which can appear at random on any spin. Here, adjacent reels 4 and 5, or 3, 4, and 5 display identical symbols. When this happens in the base game, a respin is also awarded and the identical symbols move right to left with more identical symbols appearing on the right-hand side.

One more special symbol completes the picture which is the wild scatter that appears on reels 1, 3, and 5. When 3 are in view, they trigger 9 Free Spins. The Linked Reels feature occur with every free spin, starting on the rightmost reel and moving one position to the left with each spin. Mega symbols are also in play which, in combination with the Linked Reels, can lead to substantial payouts. Lastly, if a wild scatter lands during free spins, then one extra free spin is added – without limit.

Agent Destiny: Verdict

If you appreciate of the sort of gameplay and math model that Play’n GO consistently turns out, then Agent Destiny is well worth a look. Play’n GO has a dependable formula that works well for players and has been put to good use with Agent Destiny. Along with some interesting features that can legitimately lead to full grid wins, the potential isn’t bad either. Over the course of one billion simulated spins, wins in the region of 5,000 times the stake have been recorded. That might not be an all-time epic figure, but it is another dependably solid stat all the same.

On the surface, Agent Destiny is another great looking game from Play’n GO. The characters are a little clichéd, but that’s okay. Ian Fleming’s were a little cheesy too, but that hasn’t stopped millions of people enjoying his books or films. Agent Destiny is less high tech than Play’n GO’s previous secret agent slot Mission Cash was, but it captures the golden age of spies well.

The developer has done this by going for a look that is both modern and 60s at the same time. In fact, Mission Cash might be Agent Destiny’s direct competitor in some ways and offered a slightly higher RTP, though lower volatility. It really is player’s choice though, as both are capable of some entertaining gaming.

There is just something about secret agents that strikes a chord with the public and Play’n GO has tapped into that with Agent Destiny. Perhaps it’s a belief that we would look just as good parking the Aston Martin in Monaco and waltzing into the Monte Carlo Casino with a Walther PPK tucked under an arm like James does. It’s a nice dream and thanks to Play’n GO we get a glimpse of this world in a grand comic book style with Agent Destiny.

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