4Squad Slot: Overview

Pull on your favourite pair of tights players, Red Tiger invites you to join a band of video slot superheroes. Brave is the developer who takes on the superhero theme in a non-branded slot. If you know who you are dealing with, Batman, The Avengers, or X-Men let’s say, it’s a lot easier to connect with people. Players know the powers, the faces, their weaknesses; it makes more sense. When developers try the generic route, it can be like a kid getting a copy of a toy from a local 99p store – the results can be hit or miss.

Fortunately, 4Squad doesn’t feel like a watered-down knock off. Its heroes are pretty cool and each one brings a unique power to modify the reels. It’s not all plain sailing though. Just as all superheroes have a weakness, 4Squad has a pretty significant weakness of its own. Find the nearest phone box to change in and let’s find out what it is.

Well, it’s definitely not looks. 4Squad isn’t quite Sue Storm from Fantastic Four, but it’s certainly not Beta Ray Bill either. Red Tiger has gone for a grid slot format made up of 7 columns and 6 rows set downtown amid towering skyscrapers that is a dead ringer for Metropolis or the Big Apple.

With this format, 42 symbols drop into place on each spin and the goal is to land clusters of 5 or more matching symbols touching horizontally or vertically for a win. When that happens, the cluster is removed to allow other symbols to tumble down for the chance to win multiple times on one spin.

The symbols are a nice mix of plain low pay and high pay heroes. The low pays are futuristic-looking green clubs, blue diamonds, red hearts, and yellow spades. The high pays are more interesting and feature the four heroes – Quake is green, Strike is blue, Burst is red, and Beam is yellow.

It might seem strange we mentioned all of the colours, but it will become clear why when they are connected in the features. The final symbol is a power fist which is the most valuable in the game at 50 times the stake for clusters of 20 or more. A drop off occurs with the other premiums with payouts from 5.3x to 9x the stake for a cluster or 20+.

Before revealing the super powers, let’s first pop open the hood to inspect the engine. First is stakes which players can select from as low as 10 p/c or as high as £/€80 per tumble. The math model isn’t super intense with medium volatility as well as an RTP ever so slightly down on 95.72%. Unfortunately, potential is down as well which some players will find hard to get excited about. More on that later.

4Squad Slot: Features

4squad slot
4Squad – free spins feature in action

Central to the features are the four superheroes and their corresponding low pay symbols. When low or high pays of one colour form a cluster, the superhero with the corresponding colour has their progress bar filled. For example, a cluster of 5 green clubs contribute to Quake’s meter and so on. On each fresh spin, the progress bars are reset to zero.

Should a meter become completely filled, either from one large cluster, or a bunch of smaller ones, its superpower becomes active. Each is different and their modifiers are:

  • Quake – when the green bar is filled then Quake appears to knock all of the low symbols off the grid to let new symbols fall into place.
  • Strike – when the blue bar is filled then Strike zaps random symbols with electricity to turn them wild.
  • Burst – when the red bar is filled then Burst shows up to clone random symbols.
  • Beam – appears when the yellow bar is filled to award a multiplier of between x2 to x10.

Should all four progress bars be filled at the same time then Superhero Mode is activated. This awards one free spin with all low pay symbols removed and each superhero applies their modifier in turn.

4Squad Slot: Verdict

4Squad has its fair share of plus points that provide amusement. For one, the theme has been well utilised for a non-branded superhero slot and each character’s powers can be fun. As you’d expect, their modifiers work best when they are all firing together. Overall 4Squad is a pretty good game and you can see where Red Tiger is heading with it. And yet, after a while, you can’t help but feel like you are going around in circles chasing your cape.

Cluster pays are all about those epic chains that go on and on, yet 4Squad never quite gets there. It has its moments, Super Mode, being the most exciting, but all too often it’s over before it really gets a chance to rev up and go nuts.

We mentioned the game having a weakness and the possible deal-breaker is the potential which comes in at a mere 1,279 times the stake. It is a little unclear why Red Tiger has decided to cut the legs out from under the squad like that, but low potential is definitely the Kryptonite around here.

If you’re hankering for a gentler, less volatile, cluster pays slot you might do well to take a test drive. 4Squad is certainly not as all or nothing as other heavyweights in this class, which makes it a better match for more casual gamblers who don’t want to get blasted. On the flip side, 4Squad struggles to dish up any of those all-time chain reactions that end up online in a highlight reel.

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