4 Corners of Rome

4 Corners of Rome Slot Overview

4 Corners of Rome is a new casino slot from Northern Lights Gaming with a Lock and Load feature, locking diagonal lines while respinning symbols that aren’t part of the win. The game takes place in historical Rome, where symbols such as warrior helmets and papyrus scrolls can help you towards the max win of 6300X. The free spins feature guarantees Lock and Load on every spin. It comes in three versions, with the most volatile containing 3 spins and the least volatile containing 9. There’s also a Bonus Buy feature, where the player can gamble on landing the free spins or not.

Base game

4 Corners of Rome is a video slot from Northern Lights Gaming with 5 reels, 5 rows, and 40 paylines. The game is playable from the Min.bet 0.10 to the Max.bet 30. Players should be aware that the volatility is high and that the RTP is 96.12%. The most successful players in 4 Corners of Rome can land the max win of 6300X the bet.

The ancient Roman times have a lot to offer the casino player. To make the best of your visit here, aim for the features Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Lock and Load Multiplier, Lock and Load, Free Spins, Multiplier Symbol, and Bonus Buy.

4 Corners of Rome Slot Information

The reels of 4 Corners of Rome are set on a blurry picture of white ancient grandiose buildings. There is some blue water running between the buildings, and we can also glimpse some green vegetation. Two marble pillars frame the reels, and to the left of them are the Lock and Load multiplier and the Bonus Buy button, depicted by a golden eagle. The reels have a light brown background, and the positions in the four corners are highlighted since the symbols landing there can activate the Lock and Load feature.

The landscape is kind of static before hitting the reels, with the only exception of the Bonus Buy eagle spreading its wings now and then. The music has a dreamy, mystical touch with male and female voices chanting. To make a win, the player needs to land at least 3 of the same symbols on any of the 40 paylines, going left to right. A winning line must start on the first reel to the left. 4 Corners of Rome is available on desktop, notepad, and mobile phone.

The lower-paying symbols in ancient Rome are the card deck suits spades, diamonds, clubs, and hearts. They pay between 0.1X-0.3X the bet for landing 3, and 0.3X-0.8X for a combination of 5. When moving up to the more valuable symbols, we find a scroll of papyrus, a jar with purple grapes next to it, and a Roman warrior helmet called Galea. They pay 0.3X-0.8 the bet for landing 3, and 1X-2.5X the bet for a full combination of 5. The wild symbol substitutes all mentioned symbols. It also pays on its own, the same amount as the Galea with 2.5X the bet for a combination of 5. The wild symbol doesn’t substitute the scatter symbol, which you need to activate the free spins and boost the Lock and Load multiplier. There’s also a multiplier symbol that can land in the free spins.

4 Corners of Rome Slot Features

What is the max win in the slot 4 Corners of Rome?

You can win up to 6300X the bet.

What features are available in the slot 4 Corners of Rome?

The features are Wild Symbol, Scatter Symbol, Lock and Load Multiplier, Lock and Load, Free Spins, Multiplier Symbol, and Bonus Buy.

Pick – Free Spins

Wild Symbol

The Wild Symbol is depicted by the letter W. It substitutes all symbols except the Multiplier Symbol, which only appears in the free spins, and the Scatter Symbol.

Scatter Symbol

The Scatter Symbol is a golden eagle spreading its wings and looking to the distance. Below the bird is the text “bonus.” The Scatter Symbol appears on reels 2, 3, and 4. You need to land 3 symbols to activate the free spins, and 2 symbols add +1 to the Multiplier Meter.

Lock and Load

Lock and Load Multiplier

The Lock and Load Multiplier sits to the left of the reels. It starts at X1, and can go up to X5. It is used to multiply the next win in the Lock and Load feature. You increase the number in the Multiplier by 1 every time 2 scatter symbols hit the reels. The Multiplier is reset to X1 after the Lock and Load feature has been activated and used. The Multiplier stays on the same value during all free spins and resets when the feature is over.

Lock and Load

The Lock and Load is a pretty innovative feature the guys at Northern Lights Gaming have come up with. The four corners of the slot, in other words, the top and bottom position of reels 1 and 5, stand out, giving the symbol that lands there some extra shine. The Lock and Load is activated whenever two of the same symbols land diagonally on the opposite corner (upper left and bottom right, or bottom left and upper right). All 5 symbols on the locking line switch to the same symbols that activated the feature, and they’re being locked on their positions while the reels spin again. If any of the new symbols takes part in a winning line, it will be locked to its position with the other winning symbols while the reels spin again. This goes on until no new win is being made and the feature is over.

If both locking lines are being activated, the symbol on the intersection of the two lines (the middle position of the slot) is transformed into a wild symbol. If there’s a symbol on a locking line that takes part of a win in another way, it is also transformed into a wild symbol. When the feature ends, the total sum of the present winning lines is multiplied by the Lock and Load Multiplier. All free spins are guaranteed to trigger the Lock and Load feature.

Free Spins

Free Spins

You end up here by landing three scatter symbols on the grid, and you’re guaranteed that the Lock and Load feature will be triggered on all spins. First, you get to choose if you want 3 spins with very high volatility, 6 spins with high volatility, or 9 spins with not so high volatility. In the 3 spins option, all 4 corners can turn wild, giving the player great possibilities to land fat wins. In the 6 spins option, up to 3 corners can go wild, and in the 9 spins option, up to 2 corners can go wild.

If you manage to fill all 25 positions with winning symbols, you’ll be rewarded with 3 extra spins in the highly volatile mode, 2 extra spins in the volatile mode, and 1 extra spin in the least volatile mode that starts out with 9 spins.

Multiplier Symbol

The multiplier symbol can only land in the free spins. It boosts the Lock and Load Multiplier by +1, giving the player a higher multiplier value for the rest of the free spins.

Bonus Buy

Bonus Buy

This feature is a little more complex than the usual Bonus Buy. You can choose to pay for a spin that is guaranteed to take you to the free spins. However, you can also choose to pay a smaller sum and gamble with a 10-90% chance of winning depending on how much you pay. Buying a guaranteed free spins session costs 100X the bet. Gambling with a percentage cost as many times the bet as the percentage. Hence, a 20% chance of activating the free spins costs 20X the bet, and if you want to gamble to a 50/50 chance, you’ll have to pay 50X the bet. If you’re successful and win the feature, you’ll get to choose between the 3 different free spins versions just as when you activate the feature regularly. The Lock and Load Multiplier will end up on a random number between 2 and 5.

4 Corners of Rome Slot Conclusion

After spending some time in all corners of Rome, we have to say that we like the game a lot. It’s primarily not the graphics or the story that attracts us, but rather all the features, especially Lock and Load, and the free spins with different volatility. The Lock and Load takes the player for an exciting ride, and the multiplier at the end of the features can top up an already nice win. The multiplier also comes to great use in the free spins, where every spin is guaranteed to trigger the Lock and Load. The tricky question is, should you be bald and go for the few but highly potential 3 spins, or the 9 more moderate ones? You might end up picking the option in the middle, giving you 6 spins.

As already mentioned, 4 Corners of Rome doesn’t deliver an amazing story. We have the usual playing cards as lower-paying symbols, and 3 Roman higher-paying ones. You could also exchange the symbols for pretty much anything else, and it would be about the same game. If you want a game that breathes ancient Rome, we can recommend Age of Caesar or Legendary Rome. However, we enjoyed 4 Corners of Rome for hours, although the theme isn’t super solid. The spins are made to an RTP of 96.12%, which is about average. The game is highly volatile, especially if you go for the most explosive free spins feature. Landing the absolute best combinations in a free spins’ session will give you the max win of 6300X the bet. It’s not a number to complain about, but it’s not impressive either.

4 Corners of Rome from Northern Lights Gaming has a Lock and Load feature, keeping winning symbols in diagonal lines on the grid while the other symbols respins.

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